Our company, which took its place in the market with its successful history of more than 26 years,  Our R&D Center Certificate  by the T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology 2019/2. It has been taken in half a year. Our company, which has made its name in the sector with its rollers serving the first milling machines, has taken its place in machinery manufacturing over time. Before becoming an R&D Center, it continued to develop day by day by taking many successful projects. It has been decided to open an R&D Center in order to meet the market needs with the experience gained over time, to ensure development in our country by reducing foreign dependency, and to make useful production that can meet human needs.

Our R&D Center, which offers the fastest solutions to the needs and expectations of the sector without compromising its innovative perspective, has taken its place in many successful projects, although its history is very short. Our company has made in the R & D Center and aims to sign many more successful projects with the investments it will make.


Our R&D Center gives the necessary care and value to its employees as it is aware that creative ideas will consist of strong teams. It has always aimed to strengthen its team with activities that encourage employees to increase their education level and a hierarchy structure that will enable them to work comfortably. It contributes to the development of the team by providing all the necessary opportunities for their research and testing of ideas.

R&D Center Organization Cart
Personal Distribution By Educational Levels

We shape our project culture as projects that will meet market needs and expectations, be beneficial to people, and increase the level of welfare that will ensure development by freeing our country from foreign dependency.

We have 13 projects in total since 2019. One of them is the CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine Manufacturing, which was produced for the first time in our country, and it was successfully completed as a TUBITAK project. Two of our products, which are among our other projects, started to become very popular in the market and became one of our commercialized products.

Among the products that we have completed the production of, we have 1 patent and 2 utility models.


Our company prefers to cooperate with universities and other organizations in order to contribute to the development of both its own and projects. We realize many of our projects with collaborations and we plan to increase our collaborations in our ongoing projects.

- Teknopark- Necmettin Erbakan University
- Innopark - Konya Teknik University Manufacturing ve Construction Major Science
- İnnopark - Necmettin Erbakan University
- Turkey Exporters Assembly
- Konya Teknik University Mechanical Engineering Scientist Support Program
- Selçuklu Mehmet Tuza Pakpen Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School

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