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We have been maintaining our experience of more than 20 years in sector in our modern production plant established on total 40.000 m2 area, of which 23.000 m2 is covered. We have been one of the important companies of Turkey and the world since 1995 with our equipment range having the highest technology manufacturing rolls which are the need of many food sectors by means of double pour centrifugal casting method. Manufacturing annually 22.000 units of rolls at various diameters and lengths as of 2014, our company has been the fastest growing company of Turkey in the sector by supplying to hundreds of food sector producer in domestic and foreign market by means of our professional sale teams.

Having the Yenar brand name registered in many countries in the world, our company has achieved to rank among the biggest of the world struggling to offer better quality product and service without making any concession from its innovative line and quality, targeting the leadership in all areas. Year is among leaders of the world due to service after sales, high quality production.

The production range is from 150 mm up to 820 mm in diameter and up to 2.200 mm in length. Our biggest centrifugal cast as single weight is 10.000 kg. All our rolls are alloyed double pour centrifugal cast.

Yenar takes great care to R & D studies in order to enhance the quality of existing product portfolio. To make the product costs more economical for its customers try develop new production technologies. Based on saying, "Perfect product starts with quality raw material”, Yenar is checking in his lab all the raw material to assure a high quality product to be supplied to his customers.

We are utilizing "CNC and ROBOTS" technology at every stage of the products for quality and trouble-free production. Our investments on CNC and ROBOTS technology continue to minimalize human error.

Yenar is announced the new combined CNC fluting and grinding machine and sand blasting machine to use own experiences that his have.


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